Employment Law: Your Right to Leaves, Claim It!

Planning for a holiday while working must be done thoroughly as we need to observe our leave entitlements. As responsible employees, we must be aware of the leave entitlements provided by the law. In Malaysia, the Employment Act 1955 (EA 1955) governs matters related to leave. In this article, we will generally explain some of […]


In the previous article, we defined the ‘S’ in ESG as how an organisation treats people, the employees, the suppliers and the customers. Bear in mind that it is a social responsibility of a company to provide good relationships with the employees, the suppliers and the customers. Since employees are the biggest stakeholders of a […]

What is Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)?

You’ve probably heard of the term ESG. It could have come up in a meeting, on your company’s website or perhaps you came across it in an article. But what does it really mean by ESG? Generally, ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. It is the disclosure of environmental, social, and governance data of […]

Top 5 Essential Contracts for Small Business in Malaysia

Carrying your business operation without proper legal health-check can lead to a major headache especially when things go south. When running a business , you need to learn how to safeguard your business interest while maintaining good relationship with your stakeholders, employees, your customers/clients and even your competitors. he right legal documents are important especially when […]

Competition Law Enforcement in Malaysia

The reception of competition law within the community in Malaysia is still at its early stage of introduction although Competition Act has been legislated since 2010. It is surprising that the subject that aims to benefit consumers as a whole is not wholly known to the public. Generally, competition law regulates how business entities operate […]

Understanding e-KYC and the requirement of Financial Institutions.

eKYC: The Policy The BNM e-KYC policy document (“this Policy”) was issued on 30th June 2020. For those in the financial industry, you will need to spend a whole afternoon reviewing its content and understanding its requirements. This policy is not as straight forward as we hoped it would be but in essence, Financial Institutions (“FIs”) […]