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HDA 1966 Episode 3: Calculating Liquidated Ascertained Damages (LAD) for Late Delivery of Vacant Possession (VP)

When it comes to housing development projects, the time of delivery of vacant possession (VP) is crucial as the purchasers anticipate to obtain their house keys in time. It is the developer’s duty to complete the housing development project within the stipulated timeframe. As stated previously, the period of delivery of VP for HDA property is fix in the statutory Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA). However, delays can occur due to various reasons and more often than not, it leads to dissatisfaction on the purchasers’ part. As a homebuyer or even a potential homebuyer, we believe that it is important for...

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In the previous article, we defined the ‘S’ in ESG as how an organisation treats people, the employees, the suppliers and the customers. Bear in mind that it is a social responsibility of a company to provide good relationships with the employees, the suppliers and the customers. Since employees are the biggest stakeholders of a company and an active player to ensure the company meets the criteria of ESG metric, our article today will focus on the implementation of ‘S’ on the employees. WHAT IS ESG METRIC FOR THE ‘S’ ASPECT IN ESG? RelationshipThe company’s relationship with the employees, the suppliers, the customer.Community...

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HDA 1966 Episode 2: 5 IMPORTANT SPA Clauses you need to know before signing the agreement

In our previous article, we have discussed on what is Housing Development Act 1966 (HDA 1966) and its Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA). As we are all aware that the SPA under HDA 1966 is a scheduled agreement under the Act, we should also know the important clauses of such SPA. Today, we will share with you the following five (5) important clauses of SPA clauses that you need to know before purchasing HDA property:- 1) Delivery of Vacant Possession (VP); 2) Liquidated Ascertained Damages (LAD); 3) Defects of Liability Period (DLP); 4) Late Payment Charges; and 5) Payment of Purchase Price. 1) Delivery of Vacant Possession...

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What is Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)?

You've probably heard of the term ESG. It could have come up in a meeting, on your company's website or perhaps you came across it in an article. But what does it really mean by ESG? Generally, ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. It is the disclosure of environmental, social, and governance data of an organisation, which increases stakeholder transparency. The ESG acronym, according to an online article, was coined in the mid-2000s in a report facilitated by impact investing expert Ivo Knoepfel, titled "Who Cares Wins." Based on the report, Knoepfel argued that ESG factors in financial analysis should be...

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Mortgage Loan Repayment Settled! What’s Next?

Very often we hear people securing home loan to purchase a property, but little knew on the procedures that one needs to know once payment of home loan has been made in full. Sit back and read up as we will share with you some knowledgeable insights for you to hold on to in this journey. 1. Notify your Bank / Financier Once you have made up your mind to pay the home loan or mortgage loan in full, do contact the relevant Bank / Financier for the payment arrangements. Bear in mind that different Bank / Financier may have different procedures...

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Diceraikan Ketika Mengandung: Sah ke tak?

Soalan: Saya ada beberapa pertanyaan yang menjadi persoalan saya sehingga ke hari ini. Perkara ini telah acapkali saya tanyakan kepada kawan-kawan saya yang lain. Saya telah berkahwin pada tahun 2009. Pada Jun 2013, suami saya telah melafazkan talaq kepada saya dalam keadaan saya sedang mengandungkan anak yang kedua. Usia kandungan anak saya pada ketiga itu 6 bulan. Tetapi pada bulan Julai 2013, suami saya telah melafazkan rujuk pada saya. Soalan saya bilakah bermulanya tarikh iddah dan tamat tarikh iddah saya yang sepatutnya? Adakah rujuk yang dilafazkan oleh suami saya itu sah? Saya masih musykil dengan status dan keadaan saya sekarang, tambahan...

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Lafaz Cerai Luar Mahkamah: Sah atau Tidak?

Soalan: Saya ada sedikit keraguan terhadap hubungan saya dan suami sejak tiga bulan lepas. Tiga bulan lalu, suami memarahi saya dan dan berkata “Kita mesti balik sebelum jam 2.00 petang, kalau lebih sahaja dari itu, saya ceraikan kau, jatuh talaq’. Kebetulan memang kami terlewat balik. Saya mengajak dia ke pejabat agama, tapi dia memohon maaf pada masa itu. Bila saya ungkit hal tersebut, dia katakan lupakan saja dan biarkan berlalu. Keraguan saya adakah lafaz tersebut sah dan jika sah lafaz tersebut adakah kami perlu rujuk semula sedangkan kami telah melakukan hubungan suami isteri dalam tempoh tersebut. Tolong bantu saya dan terima...

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Adakah Nafkah Isteri Dikira Hutang Jika Tidak Bayar?

Soalan : Isteri saya merupakan seorang wanita bekerjaya dari sebelum kami mendirikan rumahtangga lagi dan selepas berkahwin, saya memberikan keizinan untuk isteri terus bekerja. Pernah beberapa bulan saya tidak bekerja kerana keadaan ekonomi syarikat dan tiada nafkah bulanan yang saya berikan kepada isteri. Sepanjang tempoh itu juga, semua perbelanjaan ditanggung oleh isteri saya . Persoalan saya adakah saya dikira berhutang kepada beliau dari segi nafkah kerana setahu saya suami wajib memberi nafkah kepada isteri setiap bulan.  Nazmi, Kajang Jawapan: Terima kasih atas soalan Encik Nazmi. Kewajipan memberi nafkah kepada isteri itu bermula selepas sahnya ikatan suami isteri di antara encik dan isteri. Nafkah isteri...

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Top 5 Tips You Should Know Before Buying a Property

We have gathered some great tips for you as a checklist before making the best decision to purchase your very own property; be it your dream home or your future investment. Do read up and enjoy! Intention So basically what is your intention of purchasing a property? Is it for your own occupation or simply an investment? These are some questions that will run through your head and for you to answer carefully. Why? There are many factors that will determine your intention. You may want to look into account for the strategic location of the property, facilities or amenities nearby, age...

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Top 5 Essential Contracts for Small Business in Malaysia

Carrying your business operation without proper legal health-check can lead to a major headache especially when things go south. When running a business , you need to learn how to safeguard your business interest while maintaining good relationship with your stakeholders, employees, your customers/clients and even your competitors. he right legal documents are important especially when you need to put in writing something you have agreed with someone else. It sets down the full details of what has been mutually accepted as terms. If things go wrong, you can prove what was concurred between you and the other person. These are our...

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