About Us

Nurainie Haziqah & Co is a new-generation of law firm covering wide range of experiences in the area of legal, compliance and corporate advisory matters. We provide tailored and integrated services by embracing simplicity and technology while avoiding unnecessary overheads. We are built to provide smart, lightweight, flexible and client-focused legal services.

The Firm

Our team specializes in Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Corporate and Commercial Matters, Conveyancing and Syariah.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with tailored legal solutions and the highest regard in value for all of our services and work ethics.

To provide our clients with personalized experience and innovative solution with the highest integrity alligned with our profession

Core Values

Our lawyers and team take pride in giving the best services. Our ambitions are entwined with those of our clients and we undertake to provide tailored solutions based on our clients needs Our flexible and creative nature in providing solutions to our clients allows us to explore many paths to a destination and we consider all paths even the ones less travelled to arrive at the desired outcome.


Our lawyers and team take pride in our flexible and creative nature. Our ambitions are aligned with those of our clients and we undertake to provide tailored solutions based on our clients needs.


There will always be a place in the world for traditional high cost law firms. We simply believe our clients prefer working with a law firm that embraces a different set of values. In the law firm world where feigned complexity is put on a pedestal, we’re here to challenge the status quo and demystify the practice of law with transformative legal services.


You want great legal services at a reasonable and predictable price. We want to work with you to achieve your goals and focus on delivering results rather than chasing billable hours. If you want fancy office space and big boardrooms, we know lots of lawyers in large traditional law firms that would be happy to charge you for the privilege.


Nurainie Haziqah & Co is built from the ground up to embrace technology. We see it as a tool to improve service, not a threat to our business model. While we always like to meet in person, much of our work can be completed online, over email, the phone or video conference.