Ending a marriage: How complicated can it be?

Differences between Civil Mutual Divorce and Contested Divorce

Need to consult a lawyer on Civil Divorce? Let us know how we can help, but FIRST, get to know simple facts about Civil Divorce.

Some relationships are not meant to be even when you have given and tried your best – ie. marriages. Often people think ending marriages are difficult and troublesome. IT DEPENDS, really.

There are two types of divorces:-

1) Mutual Divorce

2) Contested Divorce

Mutual Divorce means both parties agreed to the divorce. This is definitely the easiest way out if both parties can sort their issues way earlier before they file the case to court. In fact, if parties can agree to other matrimonial matters like custody and maintenance of children, distribution of property and some other terms; they can possibly discharge all their issues once and for all via an application to Court.

To some clients, they can just hire the same Counsel to settle all terms amicably in Court. The appointed counsel will prepare all documentations, file it to court and represent both parties. DONE!

However, it is quite different if one of the parties is not agreeable to the said divorce. This is called Contested Divorce. For example, the wife would be the one filing to Court for divorce, but the husband would oppose or contest to such application because he is not agreeable to the said divorce.

In some other instances, both parties would agree to the divorce, but they cannot agree to other matrimonial terms.

As complicated as it may sound, Contested Divorce will usually be time-consuming, energy draining, and more funds needed to brave through the entire process in Court. It will take a longer period of time in Court due to the court processes that parties have to go through.

All in all, matrimonial matters are not like any other civil cases. There are always rooms for negotiations and mediations in between to uphold and protect the best interest of the children and family.

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