PART II of Legal Implications of MYAirline’s Suspension: Employee Protections

Introduction: In Part I of our series on the legal implications of MYAirline’s suspension, we explored the complexities of passenger rights, obligations, and employee protections. Now, in Part II, we delve further into the critical aspects of employee rights and the latest developments regarding a potential investor. Datuk Seri Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, MYAirline’s interim accountable […]

PART I of Legal Implications of MYAirline’s Suspension and Passenger Refunds

The recent suspension of operations by MYAirline has raised important legal issues surrounding passenger refunds and the obligations of the airline. Datuk Seri Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, MYAirline’s interim accountable executive, has estimated that refunds owed to passengers for unfulfilled flights could reach up to RM22 million. This article explores the legal aspects of this situation […]

Employment Law: Duty of Confidentiality in Employment

In the modern workplace, upholding the duty of confidentiality is not only a fundamental ethical principle but also a legal obligation that employees must navigate with utmost diligence and discretion. Employees have to exercise duty of good faith toward the employers which includes duty of confidentiality. Employment agreements typically include confidentiality as one of the […]

Mediation Vs Litigation

The path to resolution may appear to be a difficult one when faced with a dispute. Is going to court the best course of action or are there other, more amicable options available? These are dispute resolutions. The process of settling conflicts, disagreements, or disputes between parties in a fair and agreeable manner is referred […]

The Hierarchy Of Courts

When it comes to seeking justice and resolving legal matters in Malaysia, understanding the court system is crucial. The Malaysian legal system consists of several tiers of courts, each with its own jurisdiction and role. In this article, we’ll explore the hierarchy of court in regards to Civil Law, helping you navigate the legal landscape […]