In Part I of our series on the legal implications of MYAirline’s suspension, we explored the complexities of passenger rights, obligations, and employee protections. Now, in Part II, we delve further into the critical aspects of employee rights and the latest developments regarding a potential investor. Datuk Seri Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, MYAirline’s interim accountable executive, has estimated that refunds owed to passengers for unfulfilled flights could reach up to RM22 million. This article continues to explore the legal dimensions of the situation, with a dedicated focus on the rights and protections of employees, as well as the implications of the latest investor update.

Rights of Employees in a Situation like MYAirline’s Suspension:

Employment Security: Employees affected by MYAirline’s suspension have rights under Malaysian labor laws, particularly regarding employment security. The company must adhere to proper legal procedures when making staff reductions due to the suspension of operations.

Notice Period and Severance Pay: The Employment Act 1955 outlines the entitlement of employees to receive appropriate notice periods and, in some cases, severance pay based on their years of service. These protections are crucial in safeguarding the interests of affected employees.

Unpaid Wages: Another essential aspect of employee protection is ensuring that employees receive the wages, salaries, or other benefits owed to them by the company. Employers are legally required to settle all outstanding payments to employees.

Consultation and Negotiation: MYAirline must engage in consultations and negotiations with employees or their representatives before implementing layoffs or making changes to employment terms. These procedures are vital for considering the rights and interests of the employees affected.

Support for Employees: Employers are encouraged to provide support to employees facing challenging times. This support may involve facilitating job placement services or offering assistance to employees encountering financial difficulties.

In this second part of our series, we have explored the legal rights and protections afforded to employees impacted by MYAirline’s suspension. As the situation continues to evolve, it is advisable for affected employees to seek legal counsel if they encounter challenges in receiving their due compensation or face delays in the process.

Part II of our series serves as a continuation of our commitment to keeping you informed about the evolving legal aspects of MYAirline’s suspension. We encourage you to stay updated and consult with us for personalized guidance in this complex environment.

We encourage you to stay updated and consult with us at for personalized guidance in this complex environment.

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Prepared by Hawanisa Roslan

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