The recent suspension of operations by MYAirline has raised important legal issues surrounding passenger refunds and the obligations of the airline. Datuk Seri Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, MYAirline’s interim accountable executive, has estimated that refunds owed to passengers for unfulfilled flights could reach up to RM22 million. This article explores the legal aspects of this situation and provides an overview of the refund process for affected passengers.

Passenger Rights and Obligations

When an airline suspends its operations, passengers who have purchased tickets for future flights are entitled to a refund. The legal framework governing passenger rights and obligations in Malaysia is primarily regulated by the Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) and the Malaysian Aviation Consumer Protection Code (MACPC).

Refund Process:

MYAirline has initiated a refund process, asking affected customers to send an email to its customer support unit at or call the dedicated hotline at 03-89662522. As of October 12, 2023, the airline had received around 18,000 refund requests. It is important to note that the refund process is contingent upon the successful closure of a deal with new investors, and a specific timeline has not been provided.

Passenger Eligibility:

Approximately 125,000 passengers have been affected by the suspension of MYAirline’s operations. These passengers are eligible for refunds under Malaysian aviation regulations. Passengers who have booked flights with the airline should ensure they follow the prescribed refund procedures to claim their refunds once the funds become available.

Role of New Investors:

MYAirline has expressed optimism about closing a deal with new investors. It is important to understand that the initiation of the refund process depends on securing funding from these investors. As such, passengers will need to wait for the successful completion of this deal before they can expect their refunds.


The suspension of MYAirline’s operations and the subsequent refund process highlight the legal obligations and rights of both the airline and its passengers. Affected passengers should be aware of their eligibility for refunds and follow the prescribed procedures. It is also crucial to monitor updates regarding the airline’s negotiations with new investors, as the availability of funds is a key factor in the commencement of the refund process.

As this situation evolves, it is advisable for affected passengers to seek legal advice if they encounter difficulties in obtaining their refunds or if the refund process is significantly delayed. MYAirline will need to ensure compliance with MAVCOM and MACPC regulations as it navigates through this challenging period.

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Prepared by Hawanisa Roslan

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